10 Ways to Dig Deeper into Self-Care

These two words are being seen everywhere. You can find Oprah or Dr. Oz talking about them. Together, it’s only 8 letters, yet they are pretty powerful, and people are taking these two words super serious these days. This power-packed duo is making waves among the women in salons, gyms, and spas around the world, so let’s discuss how we can dig deeper into self-care. 

Self-care is the act of putting your own health, wellness, and desires at the forefront of your priority list. When we practice self-care, we take time to focus on what brings us to a place of optimum care, and we execute those things for ourselves. Now, self-care has really taken on a whole new vibe, and people think spa appointments and girl movie nights as the only forms of self-care. However, self-care can look different for everyone. Let’s dig deeper into different acts of self-care.

 1. Being yourself at all times. The decision to always be you is the ultimate act of self-care.

2. Listening to your favorite artist with your eyes closed. This allows you to enjoy the music and shift your energy and mental state. You deserve to enjoy this in its fullness.

3. Saying NO to things you don’t absolutely love. Every act of self-care begins with releasing what you don’t want to do.

4. Saying YES to things you absolutely love. You drain yourself and burn yourself out when you continuing to do only the obligatory tasks of everyday life. Do something you truly love doing at least once a week. 

5. Taking a risk. This is an act of self-care because it allows you to dream big and do more. When we do things that fuel us, we are taking care of ourselves on a deeper level.

6. Taking your time when you eat. Our bodies are our temples and we must use food to love it just the way it is. Try not to rush through dinner tonight. Savor the flavors and give yourself permission to focus on your satisfaction.

7. Listening to your intuition. The best way to take of yourself is to listen to yourself. Your heart doesn’t lie and your instinct is usually right. Listen to your internal voice. If you find yourself sweating or your heart racing when you’re around someone, take that as a sign.

 8. Treating yourself to ME time. Go to the spa, head to the park, or simply sit in your car. Taking time for you without any interruptions is making sure you are filled and full.

9. Spending more time with people you enjoy. Those you choose to share your time with are important in your wellness. Keep the positive and constructive people around and let the rest of them go. 

10. Wear outfits that make you feel strong, confident, and beautiful. How you look definitely affects how you feel. An act of taking care of yourself is waking up, putting on statement pieces that make you. 

Self-care is necessary for all of us. We can not serve others, be entrepreneurs, reach our goals, or execute our dreams without taking care of ourselves FIRST.

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