Terms & Conditions

J. Brooks Boutique is an online shop for women’s fashion. Here at J. Brooks Boutique, we provide both curated (clothing sourced from other designers) and  custom, hand-made clothes tailored to your needs and demands. This is a fashion outlet, best suited to your fashion needs.

Thank you for taking time out to go through our website and have a look at our exquisite products and services. We would expect that you will honor our Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions, both referring to the same, while using our website. Failure to comply with our terms will lead to unwanted outcomes, not just for you but for us as well.

Make sure you go through our terms before using our website and therefore you are advised to keep a digital copy of these terms with you always. Using the website would indicate your consent to abide by our terms and conditions. If you have any query pertaining to our T&Cs, you are requested to contact our customer support at support@jbrooskboutique.com.

We reserve the right to update our terms, whenever necessary, if need be. Keep yourself up-to-date with the amendments in the policy, to avoid any inconvenience.

Our terms and conditions are meant to keep you safe as well as to save you from any inconvenience. The terms are protected under the relevant laws of the United States. If you do not agree to any of the below mentioned terms, you are requested to leave our website.

Here are the T&Cs for J. Brooks Boutique, which you are bound to follow the terms in all cases.

  • You must be of legal use, as specified by the US law, to use this site or place any order for any service.

  • All the materials posted on the website including designs, videos, written content or any other artwork, are the property of J. Brooks Boutique. You are not allowed to use these materials for your own or commercial use. You are advised to get the written permission from J. Brooks Boutique if you want to use any of our materials for non-commercial purposes. Proper acknowledgement is a must; otherwise strict action will be taken as per the law.

  • Violating our terms and conditions, introduction of viruses, logic bombs, worms and other malicious items in our website or an unauthorized attempt to use the website, will be dealt with immediately, either by reporting to the concerned authorities or taking the court-action against you. All your orders and access to the website will be permanently cancelled immediately.

  • We hold the right to restrict your access to certain parts of the website, if not all, whenever needed. We can make changes to our services, prices etc. without prior notification and to the website layout, website domain etc.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any orders containing pricing errors, with no further obligation to you, even after a shipment notification from us.
  • The return and refund policy states that you can return the items within the 14 days after receiving, except those labeled as final sale. Refunds are issued via store credit only. Store credit does not expire.
  • You are not allowed to copy or duplicate any part of the service provided to you through this website. We hold the right to deny any service to you at any time.

  • We hold no responsibility for the accuracy, veracity and timeliness of the information posted on our website. This is only for your reference and we can change it any time, if needed, without notifying you.

  • We expect you to provide complete, accurate and relevant information while placing orders. We will not be responsible for any incorrect information from your side. If you provide any wrong information, you are bound to pay for the service without asking for refund or exchange.

  • The information like username/password are confidential and you are bound to keep it safe with you. Any illegal use of the registration information will be solely your responsibility. In case of any unauthorized use, kindly inform our security team at support@jbrooksboutique.com as soon as possible to prevent further loss.

  • You agree to the fact that we can offer third party tools, links and the use of cookies for marketing, advertising, and a better user experience.

  • We welcome your feedback, comments and other information shared on our website, however, you are advised to follow the set standards specified at the place of these activities. Any obscene/vulgar content will be removed immediately and we can ban or suspend your account for an indefinite period.

  • Your personal information including financial details will be kept safe as per our privacy policy.