Our Story

“Life is too short to have a boring wardrobe.”

Hey, I’m Jessica Brooks, but I go by Jes. I am the fashion buyer, designer, and operational brain behind J. Brooks Boutique where we curate each piece for chic, fabulous, fashion-forward women who are tired of status quo wardrobe choices. 

I launched J. Brooks Boutique in the summer of 2017 after being gifted a sewing machine a year prior and teaching myself how to sew via YouTube tutorials. (There's still a video on my instagram page of me sewing my first skirt!) I didn’t realize at the time that a gifted sewing machine would be the cornerstone of what J. Brooks Boutique is today.

Today, we have been your favorite fashionista's best-kept secret. We've expanded our boutique to offer a collection of apparel and accessories for some of the best designers and manufactures in the world, with a few of my exclusive designs in the mix.

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