10 Ways to Wear Your African Prints Skirts

Are you ready to be free in your favorite maxi skirt? The rise of the spring and summer sun can only mean one thing! It’s time to pull your SKIRTS out and show a little leg (or less if you’re going to MAX out this summer). And since it’s that time of year, I wanted to share 10 Ways to Wear Your Favorite African Prints.

First, let me remind you to always think outside of the box when you decide to stand out with stylish pieces that are also trending. Trendy styles will come and go, but your chic spin will definitely turn heads.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!


10 Ways To Wear Your African Prints

#1) ​Dress it up.Sweep Your Hair Up. Dangle Your Chandelier Earrings. Charm them with an off-the shoulder top. Elegant Event + Your Stunning Ensemble = Killed it.

#2) ​Keep it casual. Classic denim or white button down. Perfect gladiator sandals. Effortless Slay.

#3) ​Pair a blazer and belt it. Professional blazer. Bold print. Sleek skinny belt. Can you get away with wearing this to the office? Ever hear of office politics = Give them something to talk about.

#4) ​Coordinate it. Prints on prints on prints. Pair your maxi skirt with one of our matching tops for a stunning head-to-toe ensemble. Who said you couldn’t match and be magnificent? You can!

#5) ​Poolside it. Plans to slay beachside all summer long? Keep your maxi skirt close so you can cover your favorite bikini for those trips back inside to the bar ;-) Make style a breeze this summer.

#6.​ ​Vacation it. Early flight. Maxi skirt. Cute tank. Be fly while you fly off on your adventure.

#7. Rock it. Grab your Chucks, a denim jacket, and a cute scarf to make this a great errand-day ensemble.

#8. Date Night it. Leotard with sweetheart plunge. Your favorite stilettos. Bold lipstick. He’ll be asking about the second date before the first one ends.

#9. Celebrate it. Solid colored tucked tee. Nude sandal. Simple jewels. Natural Beat. Make the crowd focus on the beautiful patterns.

#10. Make a statement with it. Statement graphic tee + Statement African print = Leave them speechless.

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