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The Black Panther premiere has ROCKED our world, and everyone is wild over Wakanda. Hundreds of thousands of beautiful women and dapper men donned stunningly beautiful ensembles this weekend to partake in the record-breaking showing of the Marvel movie.

In all of the movie hype and excitement, I found one thing in common with many of the photos on Instagram and Facebook. The vibrant prints of African cloth were abounding, and I was here for it. I wanted to share a little of information about African prints since we are witnessing the wonderful Wakanda fans wearing their most beautiful prints.  

I’ve loved African prints for years now, and I’m glad to see them coming to the forefront as a sophisticated  style choice for so many. And, since we’re looking dynamic in our ancestral prints, I wanted to share a little about African prints.

Ankara is a bright and bold tribal prints on 100% cotton fabric. This is the umbrella under which other African prints fall. In other words, most African prints are Ankara. More specific prints include Dutch Wax, Holland Wax, and African Wax.  

There are several different types of Ankara prints:

  • Kente Cloth- a common print from the Ashanti and the Ewe tribe; brightly colored stripes made of silk and cotton fabric
  • Mud Cloth(Bogolan)- originated in Mali; this print is often subtle earth tones
  • Aso-Oke- this print is from the Yoruba tribe of western Nigeria; the bright royal colors are popular among many     

Now there are some many prints I could talk about, but it would take me days. So, I only mentioned a few here. Tag us on Instagram and show us your favorite cut of culture African print.



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