A Sneak Peek at the 2024 Exclusive Collection

Join us as we step behind the scenes, catching a glimpse of the pre-production process headed by none other than our innovative CEO, Jessica Brooks.

CEO Jessica Brooks with Pre-Production Samples

J. Brooks Exclusive Collection 2024

The creative juices are flowing in overtime here at our headquarters, as we build momentum towards the unveiling of our 2024 J. Brooks Exclusive collection. Wondering what will be the highlight of this exquisite lineup?

  • Contemporary styles infused with pops of stimulating colors
  • Head turning silhouettes set to leave a lasting impression
  • A celebration of diversity with a focus on plus-sized models and designs

 Sneak Peek at J Brooks Exclusive Collection 2024

Hard at Work: The Dynamic Design Team

How are we turning the dream into reality?

 J Brooks Boutique Design Team

Our dynamic Design Team is immersed in intricate detailing, examining sample garments against our stunning fit models. Fine-tuning these prototypes to guarantee not only the picture-perfect fit but also to assure comfort and sophistication in one fell swoop.


Mastermind Behind the Scenes: CEO Jessica Brooks

 Jessica Brooks Behind the Scenes

What's the driving force behind these innovative designs?

At the helm of this creative project is our tenacious CEO, Jessica Brooks. She’s meticulously perfecting designs, sparing no detail from intensive scrutiny before giving the green signal for production. Her uncompromising attention to detail shapes the authenticity and uniqueness of our line-up.


Our Unique Approach: Fittings with Plus-Sized Models

Model Sheena Renell at the Exclusive Fitting

What's unique about our collection?

Taking pride in our drive toward inclusivity, it is a thrilling sight to see our Design Team bustling, fitting trendy items on our fabulous plus-sized models. We are democratizing fashion, acknowledging and catering to the diversity of body shapes in the real world.

 Model Sheena Renell at the Exclusive Fitting

So, are you excited to witness the future of J. Brooks Boutique?

Stay tuned for the grand launch of our 2024 Exclusive collection. It promises to be an intriguing blend of innovation, inclusivity, and style. 

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