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3 Style Tips for Summer Weddings

She said YES to the dress and now you have to find something amazing to wear to the wedding. The fear of upsetting the bride by wearing a white sundress may not be your issue, but finding the perfect statement piece for the nuptials is on your mind. I know the feeling. A few summers ago I was on the guest list of 4 or 5 weddings. It took me weeks to find the perfect piece for the garden wedding and the beach wedding and the church wedding too. Shopping for an outfit can be fun and frustrating at the same time.

Wedding season is in full force, and if you’re reading this you more than likely have a wedding to attend. So, you’re looking for a great summer statement with wedding written all over it.

Here are 3 tips for finding the perfect wedding ensemble.

1. Focus on the location! Research the venue and weather for the event. Your wedding wardrobe should be directly correlated with the wedding venue and the atmosphere. No need to wear 6 inch heels to the beach ceremony or a sleeveless number in the extremely cold church. Choose to wear a blazer or cardigan for the church ceremony or a shorter frock for beach and garden weddings with cute, flat sandals. Use your accessories as your statement pieces.

2. Take a pulse on the style and theme. Take a glance at your Save the Date and wedding invitation from the bride and groom to identify what style they are looking to convey. Try to stay within the parameters. If it’s a relaxed feel choose a flowy, sophisticated sundress with colorful, strappy sandals. But, if the invitation is dripping in gold foil choose a more formal look.

3. ​Check your connection to the couple. ​Are you their closest friend or simply a colleague? This matters when choosing your wedding attire. If you’re a family member or close friend, opt to dress fairly formal with nice pearls, a statement dress or skirt (there are a few here at, and comfortable, sleek shoes. If you’re a colleague or distant relative, see #1-2 and follow the wedding rules.

All in all, be sure to focus on being comfortable, chic, and celebratory. Your outfit will only be an addition to your smile and joyful spirit.

What’s not to love about love! Happy wedding season!

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