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We're making a difference one dress at a time

I don’t know if I shared this story with you, but the day I launched J. Brooks Boutique, I thought there would be crickets. I figured all I needed to do was just jump and gather the courage to go live with my website. 

I’d been saying for months that J. Brooks Boutique was “coming soon,” so I knew it was time to either go for it, or let it go. I figured I wouldn't get any orders right away, so there would still be plenty of time to fine-tune everything. Well let’s just say that day was anything but crickets.

The moment I went live the orders started to flow in. There were so many orders. Who would have thought a sewing machine that was gifted to me, weeks of watching YouTube tutorials, and the support of my amazing customers, supporters, and tribe, has made this brand what it is today?

Thanks to you, this brand has not only been able to fulfill my dreams, but it has now begun fulfilling the dreams of others. I know firsthand what it feels like to have the support I need make my dreams come true, so it’s important that as a brand, we pass that support forward—and that’s exactly what we did.

In July, J. Brooks Boutique donated sewing machines to help the kids of the Sew It Sell It program in Knoxville, TN.

 Lead by Doctoral Grad, Enkesi Thom, the Mission of the Sew it Sell it program is to provide a free opportunity for African American, other children of color, and low-income children a safe space to learn to sew and to acquire the skills and ability to start a home-based micro business. The program is for children ages 10 to 17 and it aims to accommodate up to 15 children.

Throughout the camp’s duration children crafted items for their market, made vision boards, wrote business plans, created pitches to potential investors, and then prepared for the final day of selling to consumers.

The key is to not only educate young people on the process but also help launch their entrepreneurial spirit.

Upon completion of the 3 week program students were presented with their own sewing machine and supplies to start their own business!

Learn more about Enkesi Thom and the Sew It Sell It program here.

 Do you know of an organization we can support next? Let us know below in the comment.



  • Alene Paulk

    This is what it’s about. My heart is full. Thank you for what you do.

  • Erika

    Your clothes are beautiful. Congrats on your success. Thank you for paying it forward.

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