Polka Dot Skirt Alert!

Polka Dot Skirt Alert!

May 06, 2019

3 New Ways To Don The Dots

Patterns are posh! This summer, patterns are definitely making their way into our wardrobes. As a fashion lover and designer, I’m noticing a few classic patterns make their way back into our world. And, if you’re anything like me, you love the old classics showing up in new trends, but you want to wear them your way. You don’t care for the “off the mannequin” look, so you’re often searching for ways to make a trend into a fashion statement.

 Well, one of the classic patterns making its way “around” this summer is...POLKA DOTS. There are polka dots on capris, skirts, and midi-shirts. They are small, large, and taking charge….LOL. I even added a skirt with the pattern to my J. Brooks Boutique Spring Collection because the pattern is such a classic one, and everyone should have a polka skirt in their fashion arsenal.

Now, here’s the dilemma: how do you avoid being a plain Jane? How do you wear a polka dot skirt besides adding a black tank or blouse? 

Here are a few ways to wear your polka dot skirt and make a few heads turn.

  1. Play with your patterns! You can totally wear stripes or florals with polka dots. If your polka dots are smaller, make sure your stripes are horizontal (going from left to right) and a bit thicker. If your polka dots are larger, make sure your stripes are thinner. Keep the color scheme the same when wearing your dots & stripes (black and white polka dots with a white and black striped shirt). If you decide to bloom with florals and polka dots, be sure to choose a complementary base color in your floral print. For example, if your skirt is black and white, choose a floral look with red or green as the base color. Be sure to keep the shoes neutral (nude) when pairing patterns.


  1. Glam it Up! Add a sequins blouse with a cowl neck and a pair of fabulous metallic heels to your polka dot piece to make it POP for a glamorous wedding or evening look. Keep your sequins blouse to a neutral color such as rose gold, silver, black, or white (save the rainbow sequins for another outfit). Tuck your sequins blouse in to give the polished hour-glass look. Add a bold lip color to finish the look.


  1. Dial it Down! Grab your favorite graphic tee and Converse sneakers to make your polka dot skirt a casual, yet amazing fit. Add a statement necklace of pearls or flowers, and you’re ready for any weekend event. Make sure your graphic tee inspires the people reading it, and you’ll be the winner of the fashion awards, for sure.

Take a look at the J. Brooks Boutique Summer Collection Polka Dot Skirt...



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