The Spring Trend Survival Guide

Spring is ready for you, but are you ready for it? Transitioning from winter to spring is such an exciting time. You can finally show a little skin, wear an outfit that doesn’t consist of so many layers, and pull out those pieces from your wardrobe that are bold in color. With all of that excitement, it can become a tad bit overwhelming.

There isn’t a more feminine season for fashion than spring. From pretty floral prints, pastel colors that pop, flowing dresses and beautiful silhouettes. This is a drastic change from winter, and fall fashion. Consisting more of neutral earth tones, and gaudy pieces such as oversized sweaters, and boots. Spring requires all things delicate, flowing and bright.

Below are some super cute fashion forward spring trends we know you will love!

1.) Kimono Dusters

Kimono’s are ideal for spring because of the breathability of their material. Guaranteeing a cute, cool, and comfortable fit all throughout the day. However, to stay on trend with spring fashions you want to incorporate a little color or a lot of color- its all about your preference of course. If you are in between about a kimono, or a colorful kimono, or both; our Talan Abstract Kimono Duster is the perfect piece for you to get your feet wet with the Kimono trend this spring.

2.) Bright Colors

Fall and Winter: wear all the coppers, nudes, browns, burgundy, navy blue, and black that your heart desires. But, when spring rolls around- its just something about the way the sun reflects off of those gorgeous pastels, combined with the instinctive feeling of refreshment you feel as the sun brightens the sky, and the decor of newly blossomed flowers are beneath- your wardrobe needs to reflect all of that. Our beautifully bold Arya Rainbow Striped Ruffle Maxi Dress, does just that. Its bright vertical rainbow stripes, two-tiered ruffled hem, and lightweight material flawlessly possesses all the beauty you need. That leads us to our next spring trend: Maxi Dresses.

3.) Maxi Dresses

Maxis Dresses were made for spring. Although spring is a fairly warm season, there are periods of coolness, especially as the sun begins to set later in the day. Not only does a maxi dress provide a gentle layer of warmth for a cool spring evening; but a nice flowing maxi dress accentuates all figures and shapes, regardless of size and height. If you’re looking for something like this to add to your spring collection, shop our Sahra Ruffle Off Shoulder Maxi Dress available in colors Red and White - we can assure you, they will not disappoint!

4.) Floral Print

You cannot go wrong with floral print in the spring! A floral, top, bottom, skirt, or dress- floral is always in. The great thing about floral prints are that you can go with or without accessories, and it does not take away from the look you are going for. Floral comes in a variety of shades and styles! So, pick the style that resonates with you the most and go for it. If you aren’t sure where to begin looking, we have picked out the perfect floral Maxi dress! Our Harper Smocked Off Shoulder Maxi Dress is a spring must-have with its classic blue floral print, flowing lightweight material, and ruffle hem.

Incorporate these styles into your spring wardrobe, and you’ve pretty much got the latest spring trends on lock!


By: Jayla Harris

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