J. Brooks Boutique is Partnering with Local Sewing Workshops to Up-Cycle Distressed Clothing

In today's fashion world, clothing items often become damaged or worn-out sooner than we would like. Many businesses and individuals simply discard these garments, unaware of the value they still hold. However, there is a growing trend towards up-cycling damaged clothing, rather than throwing it away. Through this practice, we not only reduce waste but also create opportunities to give back to our local communities.

One such initiative involves partnering with local sewing workshops to teach aspiring seamstresses repair techniques and provide them with the skills they need to build a sustainable future in the fashion industry.

Giving Back to the Local Community

The practice of up-cycling damaged clothing goes beyond personal enjoyment. It presents a chance to give back to the local community. By partnering with local sewing workshops Threaded from Heaven and Sew Train Studios, we can share the opportunity to teach up-cycling and garment repair to aspiring young seamstresses who dream of a career in fashion. These workshops often provide affordable or free classes to children who may not have access to sewing machines and materials at home and in their communities. Through our collaboration, we empower these individuals to develop their talents and chase their dreams.

Partnering with Local Workshops - Sew Train Studios 

Meet owner and sewing instructor Rochelle (Shelley) Laurino of Sew Train Studios, based in downtown Stone Mountain, GA. Shelley is a passionate instructor who has been sewing and teaching for over 20 years, and founded Sew Train Studios in 2017.

Sew Train Studios owner Shelley Laurino and her 2023 Summer Sewing Camp students

She is currently holding her Summer Sewing Camp with 100% scholarships for the local youth. She intends on using her J. Brooks Boutique donations to teach her students about using creativity to breathe new life into distressed materials.

Sew Train Studios owner Shelley Laurino with donated J. Brooks Boutique Remi top

By providing her young students with the skills and knowledge needed to up-cycle damaged clothing, Shelley equips them with the tools necessary to pursue a career in sustainable fashion. This empowerment fosters a sense of individuality and confidence for her young students, as they develop their own unique style and contribute to a more sustainable future.

If you are interested in donating materials, supplies, and/or snacks to the campers at Sew Train studios, please contact Shelley directly at sewtrain.inc@gmail.com.

Be sure to check out Sew Train Studio's Instagram page, and sign up for classes if you're local to Stone Mountain.

J. Brooks Boutique donations to Sew Train Studios

Supporting Small Business Owners - Threaded from Heaven

We were fortunate to be able to partner with sewing instructor Courtenay Christian and her local business, Threaded from Heaven in Suwanee, GA. Courtenay has been sewing for over 26 years, and teaching Adult, Teen, & Youth classes for over 20 years. 

Threaded from Heaven operator and instructor Courtenay Christian

Courtenay is holding summer classes for the local youth during the day, and teaching adult classes in the evening. She is currently working on her 2023 Fashion Show, where her young students are given the opportunity to showcase their creations to their local community, friends, and family.

Owner and instructor Courtenay Christian opening her J. Brooks Boutique Donations

Courtenay will be using our donated items to teach her students how to repair broken zippers and fix rips and tears. Check out Threaded from Heaven's Instagram page, and be sure to sign up for classes if you're in the area!

Threaded from Heaven Storefront located in Suwanee, GA

We can't wait for Shelley and Courtenay to follow up with us with their student's up-cycled creations! Stay tuned for an update!

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